Celebration Blend Will Add Warmth and Sparkle to Your Holidays

The way we are able to come together this holiday season is a little different this year, but Celebration Blend is still here to share with those that you love. Bold and Elegant, with hints of citrus and spice, creamy body and a sweet, clean finish. We blend rare and special coffees, crafting the flavors of Cele...

Roaster's Choice: Sumatra Palompek

When Bob came out with praise for this coffee from Sumatra, it really caught our attention.                                     (Photo: Royal Coffee) We have been working with Bob Fulmer, co-founder and president of Royal Coffee, for years. As a coffee importer, Bob tastes a lot of coffee. He is a humble guy. So w...

Roaster's Choice: Guatemala Pixcayá

This fresh crop Guatemalan coffee comes to us from the Concepción Pixcayá Farm, a woman-owned and family run farm that is known for the quality of its coffee and its commitment to the environment and reforestation. 

Coffee For Dad- Special Offer

Father's Day is right around the corner. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Help Us Help Them: $1 from every bag purchased this week goes to local mask manufacturers.

When we heard that our friends at EQPD, a small business located in our town of Twisp, are raising funds to turn their re-usable bag making factory into a mask producing facility, we knew we wanted to help in whatever way we could. EQPD is currently sitting unused - closed because of the COVID-19 crisis. We want to...

Roaster's Choice: Great Valley Ethiopia Duromina

This washed heirloom coffee is cultivated with care in the birthplace of humanity- it’s the coffee people first fell in love with. Grown high in the mountains above the Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia, this coffee is cultivated from indigenous trees in harmony with Rain Forest Alliance principles of conserving forest,...

Staying Agile Helps Us Stay in Business in the Time of Covid-19

As a small coffee roaster located in the remote, rural region of North Central Washington state, the Covid-19 pandemic has been an unexpected blow that challenges us to operate with utmost efficiency and apply our best problem solving skills. 

Roaster's Choice: Cosmic Blast- exciting and classic, just like the North Cascades Heli run that it's named after.

Cosmic Blast: Mountain Grown Colombian AA coffee.  Designed to fuel your snow adventures.           (Photo: North Cascade Heli ) We choose to roast coffee in the Methow Valley because of its unique wildness and beauty. Blue Star Coffee is nestled at the base of the North Cascades, also known as the Alps of North A...

Roaster's Choice: Celebration Blend. Crafted to Complement the Holiday Season

Proudly presenting Celebration Blend. A bold and elegant blend that features hints of citrus and spice, a creamy body and sweet clean finish. Made for sharing! Each year Celebration Blend is eagerly anticipated by Blue Star coffee lovers near and far. This holiday offering is crafted from rare and special coffees...

Roaster’s Choice: Yirgacheffe Natural Halo Bariti

Our current Roaster’s Choice, Yigacheffe Natural Halo Bariti, comes from the wild highlands of Ethiopia. We are proud to feature this beautiful coffee that was grown and processed in the ‘cradle of mankind’. 

Roaster’s Choice: El Corazon de Mexico- A Naturally Processed Coffee

This beautiful and rare coffee is from the Nayarit region of Mexico. One of the reasons that its flavor profile is so unique is that it is naturally processed.  Natural processing of coffee originated in Ethiopia and is well suited to arid climates. It is a process that involves laying the coffee cherries out to dr...

The Art of Blending Coffee

We blend to bring together coffees with distinct flavor qualities, to make the resulting blend better than the sum of its parts.
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