Roaster's Choice: Guatemala Pixcayá

This fresh crop Guatemalan coffee comes to us from the Concepción Pixcayá Farm, a woman-owned and family run farm that is known for the quality of its coffee and its commitment to the environment and reforestation. 

The Mirón Muñoz family prides themselves on growing this exceptional and precious Bourbon varietal- a coffee that is known for excellence in the cup and its difficulty to farm. Bourbon coffee is finicky to grow and typically has a low yield, but Maria Mirón de Zaghi and her son Sr. Manuel Zaghi Mirón’s are committed to quality and have chosen to grow this type of coffee. In turn they limit the amount of coffee plants on the farm so they are able to properly care for them.

The farm is replanted from specially selected seeds from the best coffee trees within the farm and each tree is given exacting attention. In 2012, Concepción Pixcayá Farm produced a coffee lot that won tenth place in the Cup of Excellence.


Not only is quality in the cup nurtured at  Concepción Pixcayá Farm but so is environmental responsibility. The Mirón Muñoz family and their staff make their own organic fertiliser and have created a system to conserve and reuse water. The farm has also recently undertaken bee cultivation and its reforestation activities have awarded the family a nomination by the FAO in 2003 the Best Farm Reforestation Project in Guatemala.

We are proud to feature this beautiful coffee from this exceptional farm. 

Guatemala Pixcayá is sweet, full-bodied and aromatic, with a hint of spice and a lively, clean finish. Delicious hot and delightful iced.   

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