Roaster's Choice: Great Valley Ethiopia Duromina

This washed heirloom coffee is cultivated with care in the birthplace of humanity- it’s the coffee people first fell in love with.

Grown high in the mountains above the Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia, this coffee is cultivated from indigenous trees in harmony with Rain Forest Alliance principles of conserving forest, soil and water resources.

The coffee cherries are first hand sorted to remove underripe and damaged cherries before depulping, fermenting and washing the coffee (Photo: Royal Coffee).

Small farmers established the Duromina co-op in 2010 and built an ecologically designed wet-mill to process their coffee harvests.  


 The moisture from the wet beans is reduced to 11 percent on raised beds designed to gently dry coffee with lots of airflow (Photo: Royal Coffee).


We are thrilled to buy from this progressive group of farmers that produces award winning beans (they won the African Fine Coffees Association’s 2012 Taste of Harvest Competition) and also does powerful organizing work and investment in their local community through road, clean water, electricity and school improvement projects.

We like the full bodied, sweet clean flavor that comes from this mountain place and is a result of careful attention to quality. We have roasted it to showcase its smooth, full-flavored and comforting qualities.

From their small town to ours.

Certified Organic.

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