At- Home Recipe: The Sweet Ginger

The Sweet Ginger, our latest signature espresso drink, is so wildly popular- we thought you might like to try making an Aero Press version at home. 

At-Home Brew Recipe for Coffee Lovers:

The Sweet Ginger

Home-made ginger syrup +Aero Press coffee concentrate +cardamom +oat milk topped with a dash of cinnamon. 

1. Get some of our award winning Espresso Blend beans: 

bold, sweet and beautiful. Perfectly balanced with rich round cocoa flavors and creamy body. Delicious brewed with an Aero Press. 

2. Procure Ginger Simple Syrup or make your own.

We partner with Willowbrook Farms in the Methow Valley for the ginger simple syrup that we use on our coffee bar; it is just the perfect amount of sweet and spicy. 
If you live local, you can order some from them too by going to their website.
Don't live in the Valley? Don't fret. Cameron, from Willowbrook, kindly created an at-home version for your drinking pleasure: 
Home Use Recipe:
2 cups organic sugar
3.5 cups water
4 oz organic ginger- washed, peels on
Combine sugar and water in a heavy duty pan. Stir the sugar until dissolved in the water over low heat, bringing to a low boil. While syrup is heating up, wash and rough chop the ginger. Puree the ginger in a food processor or fine chop by hand. Add the finely chopped ginger to the simple syrup after the sugar has completely dissolved and has reached a low rolling boil. Continue to cook syrup down at a low temp for 40mins to an hour- watch so that it does not overflow. Turn off the heat, cover with light-weight towel, and allow to cool. When cool, place pot in fridge. Allow to sit 24hrs. Drain through a mesh bag or a fine mesh sieve, discard ginger, and bottle syrup. Store in the fridge for 3 months.
Yields 1 quart.
3. Brew your coffee.
4. Mix it up.
1 1/2 ounce Ginger Syrup
2 ounces Aero Press Concentrate
1/2 Tsp Cardamom
Hot water + Oat Milk to taste
Finish with a dash of Cinnamon

It will warm you to your toes and dazzle your taste buds.
The perfect sweet and spicy tonic to welcome in the brighter and lighter days of spring. 


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