Moka Java, our take on the Worlds Oldest Blend

Winter has settled in deeply in our small mountain town, with near record snow levels and low temperatures. What's better at this time of year then dreaming of far away places and future adventures in exotic locals over a fresh cup of Moka Java, our newest Roaster's Choice offering?

Let's Gather Again and Celebrate Each Other

Hello Coffee Lovers - It’s holiday time! Let’s gather together again to celebrate each other this holiday season. 

Roaster's Choice for Coffee Lover's: Cosmic Blast Guatemala Quiché Palibatz

It's the height of winter here in the Methow Valley, home of lofty snow, soaring mountains and epic adventures. Which means it's also time for our annual collaboration with our friends at North Cascade Heli Ski. We source exciting & memorable coffees that pair well with the thrilling experiences made possibl...

Yirgacheffe Natural Halo Hartume - the naturally processed coffee you've been craving.

For those that delight in the complexity, sweetness and rich berry flavors that are the signature characteristics of a fine, naturally processed coffee, this one's for you.

Roaster's Choice: Mexico Oaxaca Pluma

The place name ‘Pluma’  is inspired by the feather-like clouds that shade the coffee plants.  Ironically, the name ‘Pluma’ is also fitting for this year’s  fire season in the Methow Valley.  Two gigantic plumes loom on the horizon this summer as our valley is consumed by raging wildfires that are threatening our homes and filling our air with ...

Roaster's Choice: El Mirador Bolivia

We call this coffee El Mirador, meaning ‘vista’ or ‘lookout’ in Spanish, not only as a nod to its place of origin but also because this coffee defines an immersive experience of taste of place. This rare coffee is a manifestation, and a testament, to endurance and perseverance. It is a coffee to cherish. 

At- Home Recipe: The Sweet Ginger

The Sweet Ginger, our latest signature espresso drink, is so wildly popular- we thought you might like to try making an Aero Press version at home. At-Home Brew Recipe for Coffee Lovers: The Sweet Ginger Home-made ginger syrup +Aero Press coffee concentrate +cardamom +oat milk topped with a dash of cinnamon.  1. G...

What is Peaberry Coffee?

Our current Roaster's Choice offering, Cosmic Blast Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry, is an exceptional coffee, sourced from the highlands of Mt. Kenya in Africa, and it is a peaberry coffee bean. Which invites the question- well, what is a peaberry coffee bean??

Celebration Blend is Made for Sharing & Spontaneous Acts of Gratitude

This Holiday Season is the perfect opportunity for spontaneous acts of gratitude. For all those essential workers that keep showing up and making the world go round, we thank you!  Brighten their day with Celebration Blend - Made for Sharing! Celebration Blend is made from rare and special coffees, crafted to com...

Celebration Blend Will Add Warmth and Sparkle to Your Holidays

The way we are able to come together this holiday season is a little different this year, but Celebration Blend is still here to share with those that you love. Bold and Elegant, with hints of citrus and spice, creamy body and a sweet, clean finish. We blend rare and special coffees, crafting the flavors of Cele...

Roaster's Choice: Sumatra Palompek

When Bob came out with praise for this coffee from Sumatra, it really caught our attention.                                     (Photo: Royal Coffee) We have been working with Bob Fulmer, co-founder and president of Royal Coffee, for years. As a coffee importer, Bob tastes a lot of coffee. He is a humble guy. So w...

Roaster's Choice: Guatemala Pixcayá

This fresh crop Guatemalan coffee comes to us from the Concepción Pixcayá Farm, a woman-owned and family run farm that is known for the quality of its coffee and its commitment to the environment and reforestation. 
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