Roaster's Choice: Mexico Oaxaca Pluma

We are so excited to bring this Roaster’s Choice for Coffee Lovers back. It’s a rare occurrence for us to feature the same farm’s crop twice, and even more unusual is its remarkable flavor consistency compared to the last time we roasted it in 2017.

Tasting notes highlight its inviting aroma, sweet finish and notes of toffee  and powdered cocoa. 

 Delicious iced or hot. This coffee is comfort for the soul. 


This coffee comes to us from a famous growing region called Pluma in the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. The town nearby these farms is Santa Cruz Ozolotepec.  It’s a steep road up from the Pacific Ocean to traditional indigenous villages and a lush forest intercropped with coffee, bananas, corn, beans, fruit trees and views of the Pacific in the distance.  This lot of coffee is the product of 12 families that cultivate coffee on farms of just a few acres each.  They pulp the coffee themselves and deliver to their own export company that specializes in preparing traceable Oaxacan lots and paying producers higher incomes for the quality of their coffee.
The place name ‘Pluma’  is inspired by the feather-like clouds that shade the coffee plants. 
Ironically, the name ‘Pluma’ is also fitting for this year’s  fire season in the Methow Valley.
         Photo: John Ingman @john_ingman

Two gigantic plumes loom on the horizon this summer as our valley is consumed by raging wildfires that are threatening our homes and filling our air with smoke. Many of our remarkable community members and fellow small business owners are being forced to close up shop for the season due to lack of tourism.

We are so lucky to be able to keep our roaster running and our Walk-up Window open and it is because of you. Your online coffee purchase means a lot to us- thank you for your support. 

The Twisp Chamber of Commerce has established a fund to aid entrepreneurs in the region during this trying time. Twisp is a beloved community to many, from near and far.
Until it is safe to visit, please consider lending your support here .

Photo: Sarina Williams 



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