Let's Talk About Oaxacan Coffee

Coffee from Oaxaca, Mexico, is renowned for its unique flavors and rich history. Oaxaca, a region known for its cultural diversity and culinary traditions (think mole, mexican chocolate and mezcal), has been producing coffee for centuries .

This beautiful coffee comes from families living near the town of Tierra Blanca Loxicha- they cultivate coffee on farms with just a few acres at high altitude, which results in a slower maturation process for the coffee beans. This slow maturation allows the beans to develop more nuanced flavors, often slightly nutty, with notes of chocolate, citrus, and spices.

Most coffee in Mexico are washed coffees, which is labor-intensive and requires careful attention to detail. Coffee farmers in Oaxaca handpick the ripe coffee cherries, which are then lightly fermented and processed with water to extract the coffee beans.

Oaxacan coffee plays a significant role in the local economy and cultural heritage of the region. Most coffee producers in Oaxaca are small-scale farmers who rely on coffee production as their primary source of income. By supporting Oaxacan coffee, you're not only enjoying a delicious cup of coffee but also contributing to the livelihoods of local farmers. With its unique flavors and traditional production methods, Oaxacan coffee offers a truly special coffee experience that is worth savoring, hot or iced.

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