Yirgacheffe Natural Halo Hartume - the naturally processed coffee you've been craving.

For those that delight in the complexity, sweetness and rich berry flavors that are the signature characteristics of a fine, naturally processed coffee, this one's for you.

This little gem comes from one of the premier growing regions in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. It's been carefully sun dried and processed to produce elegant notes of strawberries and milk chocolate in the cup.

Fine coffees from this region of the world are grown at high elevations from heirloom cultivars. The beans are small and dense, and when fresh out of the roaster, you can expect an almost volcanic bloom when they are brewed. Over time, as the beans de-gas, the flavors become deeper and more complex. Observe the changes in how this coffee tastes and brews over the course of a couple of weeks - we think you'll find it delightful, complex and delicious.

Recommended brew methods for this coffee are as espresso, Aero Press, electric drip and pour over.

Enjoy this one, coffee lovers. It's a beauty.



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