Moka Java, our take on the Worlds Oldest Blend

Winter has settled in deeply in our small mountain town, with near record snow levels and low temperatures. What's better at this time of year then dreaming of far away places and future adventures in exotic locals over a fresh cup of Moka Java, our newest Roaster's Choice offering? It's sweet notes of cherry and dark chocolate, silky body and rich aroma embody the very best of what coffee has to offer. Take a minute to Imagine what the world was like when wild natural coffees were being transported around the world in the holds of sailing ships, from ancient kingdoms in the east, to Europe and to the New World, in the West.  It was a heady time of discovery and dramatic cultural shifts, and coffee was the magical bean that fueled much of it. What a good reminder of what we humans are capable of when we let ourselves dream big.

So grab another cup, take a deep breath and enjoy the peaceful moments of reflection that this quiet time of year has to offer. 

Happy New Year, Friends. May 2023 bring you joy and wonder. 





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