The Art of Blending Coffee

Our raw coffee purchasing is informed by our particular roasting style. We begin with a flavor concept- an idea for the qualities that we wish to find in the cup. Our intentionally small family of blends have each been designed to deliver distinctive flavor in the cup and we intentionally source specific beans to manifest those qualities, in an always-changing coffee market.

We value the flavor consistency of our blends, while celebrating the subtle differences that seasonal opportunities bring.

Blending coffees consistently and deliciously is much more difficult than it appears, often being very counter intuitive. We aim to deliver a unique and consistent cup that fully expresses the character of each coffee that we roast. We aim to create a cup that meets you where you’re at and makes you happy — every time.

We blend to bring together coffees with distinct flavor qualities, to make the resulting blend better than the sum of its parts.

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