Easy, Smooth and Delicious!

What You'll Need:

2 one quart glass mason jars
1 cup coarsely ground coffee
2 ½ cups cold water
½ cup hot water ( ~200° F)
Large mouth funnel (a canning funnel works great)
4 layers of cheese cloth or 1 flat bottom paper coffee filter for filtering the grounds.

Step 1:

Add grounds to jar

Step 2:

Pour ½ cup hot water onto grounds, just long enough to let the coffee bloom.

Step 3:

Immediately add the remaining 2 ½ cups cold water to grounds.

Step 4:

Stir to make sure all grounds are fully immersed in water

Step 5:

Cover jar and refrigerate for 16 hours (or to taste).


Using a “Hot Start” for your cold brew brings out more depth and complexity in the flavor.

Step 6:

Remove jar from the refrigerator.

Step 7:

Place funnel in empty quart jar and securely place either cheese cloth or paper filter in funnel.

Step 8:

Pour coffee through cheesecloth/filter slowly.

Step 9:

Boom! Coffee for a week. Drink straight over ice with a touch of cream, or diluted with either hot or cold water.


Cold brewed coffee has 2 – 3 times more caffeine per liquid ounce than espresso, due to the long steep time. Drink accordingly.

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