Full Body & Flavor Every Time

Full immersion + fast extraction under pressure = a delicious concentrate that is similar to espresso

What You'll Need:

An Aero Press brewer
Aero Press brewing accessories (included with the brewer):
    Paper filter
    Aero Press coffee scoop
2 Aero Press scoops of finely ground coffee
12oz of cold fresh water + some for rinsing
A timer is helpful (smart phones work great!)

Step 1:

Place a clean Aero Press paper micro-filter into the filter cap and screw the cap onto the brew chamber.

Step 2:

Place the chamber on top of your cup, cap down, and pour a few ounces of hot water through the filter to pre-wet it.


pre-wet your filter to keep the coffee oils from being absorbed by the paper and to warm your cup.

Step 3:

Pour out the pre-wet water in the bottom of your cup and add a couple of ounces of fresh hot water to the bottom of your cup to brew into.

Step 4:

Measure two Aero Press scoops of grounds into the brew chamber.

Step 5:

Using the plunger to measure, pour hot water (≈ 200˚F, or just off the boil) to fill the plunger ½ way, then pour the measured water into the brew chamber.

Step 6:

Use the stirrer to quickly and gently moisten grounds (don’t over-stir).

Step 7:

Steep grounds for 10 seconds, then gently but firmly depress the plunger.

Step 8:

Remove the Aero Press brewer from you cup and add hot water to taste. Enjoy!

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