Coffee - It's All About Connection

For hundreds of years, people have used coffee as a ritual to bring folks together to invigorate the mind and share ideas. In the 15th century, coffee houses in the East were commonly referred to as, “The Schools of the Wise”.  

By the 17th century, coffee houses were popping up all across Europe and were called “Penny Universities” because one could by a cup of joe for a penny and engage in mind broadening conversation. Around this time, Europeans found that drinking coffee with breakfast, instead of beer or wine, greatly improved productivity! Whoa!

Long story short, coffee can be credited in dramatically improving how humans engage with one another and has invigorated minds to produce ideas that have changed the trajectory of humanity.


At Blue Star, we are all about people and their relationship to this magic beverage called coffee. Our specialty is roasting award-winning, small batch coffee, for coffee lovers. We believe that an excellent cup of coffee has super powers;  the power to make a person’s day and the power to connect people through a shared delight.

Blue Star aims to provide you with the best coffee in the world and by doing this, we strive to have a positive and significant impact on the quality of life for coffee lovers everywhere.

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